At Dunno’s house

At Dunno’s house is a rehabilitation center for seriously ill orphaned children.

The center was built and opened in 2009 with charitable funds. This project is unique in Russia. Conditions for successful rehabilitation of the orphaned children proceeding with treatment in RCCH are created here in conjunction with the hospital. The house is big enough for 20 children.

Professional psychologists and teachers work with children, art- and fairy-tale therapy, musical, painting and singing classes are held in At Dunno’s. Some of the children attend the local school; others get general education in the Center. Several times a month children go on trips to interesting places.

Here there are small vegetable gardens, sports ground and a pet’s corner, where the doe rabbit Tasha, the favorite pet of all the children, lives. In summer the open pool becomes a favorite place.

In the near future we are planning to organize a studio and a room with exercise equipment for rehabilitation.

More than 50 children have stayed and received assistance in the Center within the period of its operation: four of them have found their new families. We have also the first graduates.


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