The You are not alone! program

Today this is one of the primary programs of our Foundation. Within 6 years of its implementation more than 600 orphaned children from 36 Russian regions have received  help at the  RCCH.

The program has a well-founded  strategy and is targeted towards responding to the real need for modern,  good quality treatment for orphaned children.

In 2009 the Visit to Dunno out-of-town rehabilitation center was built to give the possibility of a long-term and staged treatment, and also children’s rehabilitation in the post-hospital period within the framework of the program.

The main task of the program is to find families that will adopt sick orphaned children. There is no greater joy than when a poorly child finds a family. We have a 10% success rate so far. Already 57 orphaned children have found their parents within the framework of the program

We are looking to cooperate with the administrators of orphanages and also the heads of nonprofits performing similar activities.

The program needs about RUR 12 000 000  yearly (approx. EUR 309 127).


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