Social and psychological assistance to RCCH patients and their families

Young seriously ill RCCH patients spend months, even years, in the hospital together with their parents. For the entire time parents are unable to work because they need to take care of their child. Most of the families come to us from afar, usually from small towns and villages where children cannot receive adequate medical assistance. Childcare allowance is not given to everybody, and even if it is paid, the amount is inadequate for Moscow.

As part of the program, our Foundation pays for transport expenses, provides nappies for all the hospital departments, and provides other social assistance to the patients’ families.

Time spent in the hospital should not be disregarded. These months or even years are a significant period for children who live, grow up and get older while there like all children, they want to laugh, play, make friends, fantasize, and learn new things.

The volunteers’ task is to make hospital life more interesting, diverse and psychologically comfortable for a child. Artists, musicians, psychologists, and IT specialists work in the Foundation every day to make children’s leisure more intense and creative. You can read about the results of our lasting creative work here.

New Year is a special time for children in the hospital. Several teams of Father Frosts (Russian Santa Claus) and Snow Maidens (his granddaughter according to Russian fairy tales) perform holiday shows and give each child a New Year present.

House of Hope

The treatment of patients with oncological and oncohematological diseases lasts from several months to two or more years. But these children need to stay in a hospital environment only at the initial, intensive stage of therapy. Afterwards the patients are transferred to ambulant therapy.

At the end of September 2006, the House of Hope out-of-town recreation center for ambulant patients of hematological departments, BMT and the oncological department of RCCH was opened as an RCCH facility the first of its kind in Russia. This project was completely charitable. The funds for buying the building were raised with the help of our Italian friends and partners from the “Aiutateci a salvare i bambini” association, and also of many our compatriots that have invested their money, work and time in this excellent project.

Hundreds of children have called the center home over the 5 years of its operation.


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