Medicine and rehabilitation facilities


In the course of the years of our work in the hospital, the situation with budget-funded supplies of medicines and consumables has significantly improved. For the time being, the basic medicines for treating serious oncological, oncohematological, nephrological, immunological diseases, including those which are expensive, are funded from the budget.

However, additional funding is still required in the following cases:

• when there is an interruption of the budget-funded supply of medicines, due to unacceptable failure to adhere to use-by dates ;

• inefficient standard therapy, when new exclusive medicines that are not budget-funded are required for a patient’s treatment.

The Foundation purchases the medicines not available in the hospital and consumables for all the departments, when applied to by the hospital administration and the chiefs of departments.

Rehabilitation facilities (orthosis, prosthetic appliances, orthopedic shoes, inhalers, oxygen concentrators, etc.) that are not state-funded are also paid by our Foundation at doctors’ and parents’ request.

Most of the applications for medicines and rehabilitation facilities are satisfied on a routine basis with donations of the who needs it most type, and also thanks to the direct assistance of our permanent donors and friends.



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