Today there are three main areas of the Foundation’s activities. Each area comprises a set of problems regarding a certain aspect of helping  the patients of the RCCH. The choice of areas and methodology reflects the philosophy of our activities, which we have shaped over the decades.

1. “When a Man Went to Hospital”

Staying in hospital is serious stress for any person. All the more so when you are a child. In particular when you are an orphan.

To work in this field is to pay attention to each situation, each case with a name, age, diagnosis, story, personal factors, and so on. Work is carried out both with the children themselves and with their families, if the children have a family. Our task is to be by their side: support, listen, give advice, encourage them not to give up, provide specific help, arrange meetings with psychologists and other experts, and enrich the time a child and their relatives spend in hospital.

2. ”A 21st Century Children’s Hospital”

Medical science and techniques have advanced. To comply with modern requirements, the hospital really needs the support of charities. Purchasing modern devices, medicines, and rehabilitation facilities not currently paid for by the government, for one reason or another requires extra-budgetary investments. This area is overseen by Foundation experts who evaluate the choice, applicability and   relevance of each item.

3. “RCCH plus”

In some cases a patient needs complicated and hi-tech curative and diagnostic treatment not performed at the RCCH. The hospital works in partnership with leading Russian and foreign hospitals, medical centers and research institutes providing medical services to RCCH patients on a paid basis. With the Foundation’s support these services are available to any patient regardless of their family income.


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