Our Team

Our Foundation has seven full-time members and about 30 permanent volunteers. Among us we have chemists and biologists, builders and teachers, psychologists and priests, businessmen and musicians (even the conductor of the Bolshoi Theater), designers and artists, editors and journalists, Doctors of Philosophy and students, pensioners and young people, RCCH’s former patients and their parents. Everyone who supports us can consider themselves part of the team, a member of our large family.

  Lina Saltykova, President

Alla Orlova, secretary

Boris Yakovlev, administrator

Konstantin Arhandopulo, president’s assistant

Vladimir Havshabo, director of At Dunno’s house

Alexey Gazaryan, prasident’s PR-assistant

Natalya Artemyeva, director of  The You are not alone! program

Katerina Kretova,  social worker

Sergey Guguzin, teacher

Irina Tishkina,  chief accountant


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