About us

The RCCH Benevolence and Charity Service was launched in 1989 by Fr. Alexander Men, a well-known Orthodox priest, and is one of the first charities in modern Russian history.

From 1993 and up until his last days Fr. George Chistyakov, a remarkable priest, scientist and theologian, was our spiritual mentor. In 1994, through the efforts of the Benevolence Group, the Church of Intercession of the Holy Virgin was founded.

We offer help to all those in need, regardless of their nationality or faith.

The RCCH uses over 50 expensive high tech methods of treatment which are partly financed from the budget. Our goal is to make medical treatment, whatever its cost, available to everyone.

In 1997, we registered the Regional Social Charity Foundation to Help Seriously Ill and Disadvantaged Children.

Since December 1998, in order to provide treatment to the RCCH patients, the Foundation has been raising funds via the website www.deti.msk.ru, which is the first Russian charitable Internet project.

The Foundation purchases medical supplies and equipment, and participates in financing medical technology development programs. During our years of our work in the hospital thousands of children have received help. Today the Foundation is implementing six different programs.

Extending a helping hand to orphans is a special priority. Our hospital has already provided medical care to hundreds and many have even found new families.

Young patients and their parents receive support from our personnel, as well as from our volunteers – musicians, artists, art therapists, clowns, photographers, animators, and just good friends and attentive listeners.

We will be delighted to welcome new friends willing to commit themselves to this cause.


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